A Non-correlated investment in late-stage legal disputes

Diversified Litigation Portfolio

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*Investor Requirements: Income > $200k, (or) combined w/ spouse > $300k, (or) combined net worth > $1M, (or) Accredited investors

About The Portfolio

The Diversified Litigation Fund offers investors outsized returns in late-stage legal disputes that are non-correlated to stocks, real estate, energy, or other traditional investments.

The team has over a decade of experience managing over $500 million in litigation investments by institutions, hedge funds, and sovereign funds and boasts the recovery of over $24 billion during the Great Financial Crisis.

The Litigation Fund provides the resources to level the playing field for the everyday people fighting against institutions that chose not to disclose the dangers of their products affecting groups such as soldiers who drank contaminated water at Camp Lejeune, farmers who developed cancer from exposure to RoundUp, etc.

We welcome accredited investors to participate in this fund’s unique business who want to achieve high growth in their portfolio.

Why This Litigation Fund?

Lower Risk

Relatively lower risk due to investing in primarily late-stage legal disputes with established payout tiers and/or case law.


Legal disputes have no correlation to the rise and fall of stocks, bonds, real estate, crypto, metals, and other traditional investments.


Exposure to a diversified portfolio of thousands of cases across multiple disputes.


Relatively higher returns than many other cashflow-focused investments.

Projected Returns


IRR (Internal Rate of Return)

Equity Multiple

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