Recessionary Income Fund
Feeder Fund Manager Program

For Capital Raisers, Fund Managers, and Syndicators

Select How You Would Like To Partner

Feeder Fund Manager

A Capital Raiser Desiring to create a Special Purpose Feeder Fund to Invest in the Recessionary Income Fund.

Avestor Fund Manager

Avestor Customizable Fund Manager Desiring to add the Recessionary Income Fund investors to your offerings in your Avestor portal.

Fund-Of-Funds Allocator

A Diversified Fund-Of-Funds allocator desiring to allocate to the Recessionary Income Fund.

Sponsor & Operator Using Wait List / Bridge Investments

An Investment Sponsor or Operator that does not want to raise capital for the Recessionary Income Fund but wants to utilize Fund Wait List or Bridge Investments to enhance the capital raises and returns of your own investments.