Alternative Investing Mastery Series

Session 8: Diversifying Your Portfolio with Precious and Rare Earth Metals

Wednesday, March 27th @ 5PM Pacific








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Learn from some of the biggest names in investing about how you can win with this downturn.

What You’ll Learn In This Session


What Role Precious/Rare Earth Metals Have in a Diversified Portfolio


Risks and Benefits of Investing in Rare Technology Metals, Gold, and Silver


Recommendations for Top Metals to Consider for Your Investment Portfolio


How to Get Started Investing in Metals


How Metals Help You Hedge Against Inflation


Which Technology Metals Generate High Returns


Low-Supply High-Demand Metals For Long-Term Cash Flow


Live Q&A to Give You the Answers You Need

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Meet Your Presenters

Host: Patrick Grimes

CEO/Founder of Passive Investing Mastery

Patrick is the CEO/Founder of Passive Investing Mastery. Since 2007, Patrick has purchased, renovated, and stabilized distressed real estate assets for long-term cash flow. He is also the founder of Invest OnMain Street, a private equity firm that has raised over $50M to acquire a $600M+ portfolio including about 5,000 units in multifamily apartment communities in emerging markets across Texas and the southeastern U.S.

Panelist: Louis O’Connor

Founder, and Principal of Strategic Metals Invest.

Louis’s company stands as the sole global industry supplier offering private investors the option to purchase and profit from owning Strategic Metals. The investment mirrors the paradigm of investing in Precious Metals, with investors acquiring Strategic Metals instead.

Strategic Metals have consistently outperformed Gold (58%), FTSE100 (3%), and S&P500 (112%) over the past five years, boasting an average return of 175% for the same period. Currently, in North America, the primary obstacle preventing investors from profiting through ownership of Rare Earths is their lack of awareness of the chance. As a Europe-based entity, the company is uniquely positioned to provide North American clients with much-needed geographic diversification in their portfolios.

Panelist: Dana Samuelson

President, American Gold Exchange

Dana Samuelson boasts an impressive 43-year tenure in the industry, during which he has flawlessly overseen transactions approaching $2 billion and eagerly anticipates his next $2 billion endeavor.

A professional numismatist since 1980, Dana garnered invaluable experience working for some of the most influential precious metals trading companies in the nation before establishing AGE in 1998. Prior to this, he spent nearly a decade as a personal protege of James U. Blanchard III, widely regarded as one of the industry’s foremost figures, and credited as the individual most responsible for re-legalizing the private ownership of gold in the U.S.

Over the span of twelve years, Dana served on the Board of Directors of the Professional Numismatists Guild, an esteemed nonprofit organization comprising the world’s leading rare coin and paper money experts. The primary mission of this exclusive guild is to ensure the safety of the hobby for collectors and investors by upholding rigorous standards of excellence among dealers.

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